World Tea Academy Awards Brian Keating Gratitude Scholarship

Elsa Carette at Obubu Cha En. Photo: World Tea News

The World Tea Academy, which focuses on global tea education for professionals, has awarded its inaugural Brian Keating Gratitude Scholarship to Elsa Carette. The annual scholarship allows the winner to use the money for up to seven tea courses through the academy. 

Carette, who currently works in sales and training for Bushwick Tea in New York, has five years of tea experience under her belt. She interned at a Japanese tea farm, has taken four World Tea Academy courses, and wishes to open her own tea academy in Europe one day.

“The spreading of tea knowledge falls upon all of us who work in the tea industry—to take in as much knowledge as we can and to then share it as generously as it has been shared with us,” says Carette. “It’s a responsibility that falls on all of us in order to ensure the longevity of these high quality, beautiful premium teas.” 

The scholarship is named in memory of Brian Keating, a leader in the tea industry who passed away suddenly last year