Winners of the 17th Guatemala Cup of Excellence

Speaker at the 2020 Guatemala Cup of Excellence

Alliance of Coffee Excellence announced the winners of this year’s Guatemala Cup of Excellence in a ceremony on YouTube.  It awarded 30 Cup of Excellence winning coffees and 8 National Winner coffees that represented five processes and 10 varieties, 16 of which were of the gesha variety. 

Cercol, S.A., a supplier based out of Guatemala City, Guatemala, took first place with a score of 91.06 for its gesha, and also won the competition’s only Presidential Award.

When asked about the characteristics of the coffee this year, “The key word is ‘diversidad,’” says International Judge Keita Matsumoto of GCC Wataru in Japan who also lived in Guatemala for four years. “Every coffee has a face of the producer. Flavor and aroma were just like the Pattern of the Guatemalan traditional textile Huipil.”

Check out more information on the winning coffees and details on the auction here. Upcoming auctions this summer include Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.