Twice the Tea Tech

Los Angeles-area tea café Percolate just doubled its business by opening a second state-of-the-art shop on Hollywood’s Melrose Avenue this past weekend. The company lauds its premium product and use of technology throughout the brewing process to create precisely brewed teas for all its customers. The high-tech experience begins through self-order kiosks that remember regulars’ orders.

From there, 16 weighted glass percolators imported from Japan measure the ideal water-to-leaf ratio and steep tea at exact temperatures based on varietal, while baristas closely monitor each order to maximize flavor extracted.

In addition to loose-leaf tea, Percolate also offers boba drinks using grade-A tapioca, natural sweeteners, fresh fruit purees, and Oatly oat milk. Customers can also order from a menu of cleverly named signature drinks including The Cardi with vanilla extract and cardamom, a Just Peachy Cheese Tea with a peach oolong tea, and a Matcha Royale with whisked matcha and oat milk.