TWA Hotel Drenched in Intelligentsia

Intelligentsia_ TWA

Photos: Intelligentsia Coffee

Mid-century modern opulence was fully restored with a caffeinated jolt of energy under the roof of the new TWA Hotel, which officially opened on May 15. Located in the original TWA terminal, which opened in 1962 at JFK airport, the hotel is a time capsule of early ‘60s architecture. Nearly 20 years since TWA shut down due to financial hardship, architecture firms Beyer Blinder Belle and Lubrano Ciavarra have brought the hotel back to life through a $265 million restoration and renovation. Part of the project brought in exciting new brand partners including Intelligentsia Coffee as the hotel’s exclusive coffee provider.

Hotel guests are currently able to get their caffeine fix from any of the three Intelligentsia mobile coffee carts throughout the building, the Gerber Group’s Sunken Lounge, Jean-Georges Paris Café, or the hotel event spaces. Soon, Intelligentsia will debut a full-service coffee bar across from the hotel reception desk. The coffee company also hints that a 1963 Citroën van will be converted into a mobile coffee shop that will serve espresso drinks and coffees in the garden once it’s open.