The Year of Turmeric


Turmeric tops Flavorman's trending flavors list.

(Photo: Cory Eldridge.)

Flavorman, a national beverage development company, has declared turmeric the top trending flavor for 2017 in its yearly flavor forecast.

Known for its warm, sharp taste and golden color, turmeric is often referred to as the “new ginger.” It’s loaded with antioxidants and boasts anti-inflammatory properties, also providing health benefits linked to cholesterol reduction and diabetes management. Turmeric is commonly found in medicinal teas and cleansing smoothies, often paired with carrots and beets.

Flavorman has been in business over twenty-five years and has developed over 40,000 beverage formulations in that time. The flavor experts didn’t stop with turmeric’s top ranking.

Coconut, a distinctly tropical flavor, was also noted by Flavorman as a flavor to watch in 2017. Like turmeric, coconut features a range of health benefits, noted as being useful in combating asthma, kidney stones, and tumors.

Spicy flavors rounded out 2017’s top trending list. Hot and spicy flavors have risen in popularity in beverages recently, due in part to the ongoing interest and exploration of world cuisines across the US. Major distillers are also adding spice to existing products, creating spicy versions of rum, bourbon, and whiskey, emphasizing the arrival of the hot and spicy trend.

Herbal accent flavors earned an honorable mention, as Flavorman pointed out their ability to enhance traditional flavors while making them more interesting and unique. Chili and chocolate were mentioned as flavors to watch this year as popular coffee additives.