Traditional Meets Trending at HOST Milano

Photos: HOST Milano

New frontiers of specialty coffee and of alternative brewing methods, such as cold brew, nitro, and coffee cocktails, are gaining popularity in Italy, alongside the immortal espresso. This is certainly due to the arrival of a giant as Starbucks, but also of increasingly greater numbers of baristas able to offer different products—not unlike sommeliers—and present the intrinsic qualities of each suggestion to their customers.tra

Visitors to HOST Milano, October 18–22, will be invited to discover it all. With four months to go before opening, the leading event in the Hotel/Restaurant/Café sector can already count on the presence of 50 countries represented by over 1,600 companies. The world of coffee and of its many expressions is preparing to be the star in the booths of FieraMilano, attracting all the most important companies of the sector and hosting a packed calendar of events, contests, and training activities designed to offer the most complete global overview on trends and characteristics of specialty coffee.

Featured events include the 6th Italian Coffee Bar Grand Prix, which brings Italy’s best baristas to battle it out making various espresso-based drinks, and the Latte Art Grading Battle Championship, which will focus on certifications, both presented by the Italian Academy of Coffee Masters (AICAF) and the Italian National Association of Coffee Roasters, Importers, and Food Wholesalers (ALTOGA).

AICAF and ALTOGA, along with barista/trainer Gianni Cocco, will also present Coffee Addition, an event aimed at focusing attention on coffee quality in sectors where the beverage can take a back seat, such as in hotels and restaurants.

Pre-registration for HOST Milano is available now until June 30. Find more information at