The New Fresh Cup

Welcome to the new Fresh Cup website. You’ll notice more than a few changes. If you’re looking at this on your phone, you’ll notice that the website works. When we started building the new site early this year, we didn’t plan to update or tweak anything. We went in with virtual sledgehammers, knocked down the old site, swept it away, and began building from a new foundation. We’re so happy to send it into the world.

More than anything else, this new site allows us to be a true online magazine. The insightful and well-crafted examinations of every corner of the specialty coffee and tea industries, the stories that you’ve come to expect from Fresh Cup over our two-decade run, will now be available here. It won’t just be a rehash of the print edition. We’re transforming our four columns—Nine Bars, First Crack, the Whole Leaf, and In House—into weekly blogs. Now we can take on more timely topics, demonstrate techniques, showcase as many photographs and videos as we need to show off great work or illustrate a complex process, and do pretty much whatever else we feel like.

Those blogs will launch in the next few weeks. We’re looking for talented writers to work with us to make all four vital resources for coffee and tea pros. If you’re interested in contributing, check out our contributor guidelines and shoot us a message.

We also now have a classifieds page, where you can post job listings, equipment for sale, and put the word out for something you’re looking to buy. This is a powerful tool to connect with people in your industry who know your needs.

Finally, sign up for our revamped newsletter. We’ll send you a weekly roundup of the best articles on Fresh Cup and the important coffee and tea news from around the world that week.

Peruse the site, get comfortable, find your favorite content, and bookmark us. Today is the launch, but we have so many great things to come.


Cory Eldridge