The Barista League 2020

Images: The Barista League

The Barista League has revealed its 2020 competition season, which will feature four events spread over three continents: February 22 in Oslo, August 8 in Toronto, October 24 in Denver, and November TBD in Seoul. 

At each competition, 12 teams of two will face off in three fast-paced multidisciplinary rounds, including an exciting Mystery Round that will have a brand-new twist in 2020, for a chance to win spots on the League’s “Mystery Coffee Vacation”—a five-day coffee-fueled adventure to a secret location. All competitions are free to attend, with an optional pay-what-you-can donation to Grounds for Health.

The Barista League also announced its membership program, The League. For an annual fee of $25, members receive benefits including early competition registration, free or discounted tickets to events, exclusive merch, and more. 

Since launching in 2015, The Barista League has focused on breaking down barriers in the specialty coffee community and competitions. Learn more about the organization and its 2020 season at