Tartine Employees Aiming to Unionize

Photo: @TartineUnion

Employees of Bay Area-basedTartine Bakery moved to unionize last week, with more than 140 employees signing a letter asking for Tartine owners and management to recognize their union, International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). Earlier in February, it was announced over 70% of Tartine’s employees supported the union drive, which can be followed at @TartineUnion on Twitter with live updates. The employees cited issues over wages and scheduling among the reasons to unionize. 

As of this publication, Tartine higher-ups declined to recognize the union, which led organizers to file an election with the National Labor Relations Board set potentially for March. 

Tartine Bakery is an international bakery brand founded in San Francisco’s Mission District in 2002. To learn more, read this article at Hoodline.com describing some employees’ experiences.