Smallwares for Build-Outs of All Sizes

Contemporary Café Build-Outs

The design of your café is the first big hurdle; filling it with equipment and furniture is the second. These trusted companies offer quality products to suit a range of design and budget goals. For shops planning to offer retail goods, smallwares can be a great way to educate customers on proper home brewing methods and give daily sales a boost.

Form + Function
The Lino line of coffeewares from NotNeutral is a seamless marriage of form and function. The unique handle shape provides a comfortable resting place for the thumb, while the rim boasts an elegant mouth feel. NotNeutral’s Meno line of coffeewares (pictured) offers design and function in a minimalist form—perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

Pick a Color
Acme & Co. designs simple and minimal ceramic cups and saucers built to withstand even the heaviest use in busy cafés. With eight available cup styles, eight color options, two mugs, and three saucer sizes to choose from, you can mix and match items to outfit your café in style.

Dueling Burrs
Offer your customers the ability to produce café-quality grinds at home, without the steep price tag of a commercial grinder. The Porlex hand grinder can be adjusted for a range of grind sizes—from french press to turkish—providing a uniform grind every time. Porlex grinders feature ceramic burrs, fending off rust and staying sharper, longer.

A Wave of Excellence
Kalita pulled out all the stops with its Wave pour-over kettles and drippers. The stainless-steel kettles feature a wooden handle for a comfortable grip, while a “dragon-neck” spout reduces the syphon effect and grants unparalleled control. Kalita’s drippers contain a flat-bottom coffee bed with a three-hole design for even pour-overs every time, and are available in stainless, ceramic, and glass varieties.

Japanese tableware manufacturer Kinto has achieved a perfect synthesis of usability and aesthetics. Offering a full line of cups, saucers, and pour-over kits in both glass and ceramic styles, Kinto is the go-to brand to let customers know you value functionality and style. The iron-glazed SCS-S01 series mug and brewer boast a sturdy form and rugged look, exerting a strong presence in your café.