Slackbot Simplifies Office Coffee


office coffee
Tired of a bleak forecast for your morning cup of office coffee? The team at has declared “death to shitty office coffee” with the launch of a smart coffee subscription service, integrated into Slack. With the Crema Slackbot, teams can vote, rate, and personalize their specialty coffee subscription alongside their normal workflow.

Office Coffee
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Here’s how it works:

  1. Add the Crema bot to your Slack team.
  2. The Crema bot suggests three coffees for the team to vote on; voting process is integrated into the Slack workflow. 
  3. The bot provides updates as the selected coffee is shipped and delivered.
  4. After a coffee is delivered, each team member gives the coffee a thumbs up or down. 
  5. Based on ratings, Crema recommends three new coffees to vote on next. 
  6. The team votes again, and begins to build a profile of their preferences to return better suggestions. 

Each coffee is roasted to order by one of’s twenty artisanal roasting partners, then delivered directly to the team’s office. Orders come in five-pound bags and can be selected in quantities up to ten at a time.
Office Coffee


The Slackbot pairs with’s coffee marketplace, established to help individuals discover and subscribe to coffees from the best roasters across the United States. “We had so many requests for office coffee, it became clear it needed to be the next focus for our attention,” says coffee director and cofounder Emily McIntyre. “We constantly are using Slack to brainstorm and bring projects to fruition, so it was an intuitive fit.”

Offices can, of course, opt to subscribe through’s original coffee marketplace, but the Slackbot provides an opportunity for team input—and a perk for companies to offer.

“Coffee is the modern water cooler,” McIntyre says. “Company culture is defined in part by the coffee that’s consumed. We’re making it easy for teams to have fantastic coffee and learn about it in the process.”

The Slackbot launched June 6.

Ellie Bradley is Fresh Cup‘s editor.