SIGHT by Alpha Dominche


Here’s the first look at the newest machine from Alpha Dominche, a batch brewer called the SIGHT. Like its single-cup sibling, the Steampunk, the Sight is intended to take pride of place on the bar and puts on a show as it brews.

Also like the Steampunk, it’s a full-immersion brewer, a first for a batch brewer says Alpha Dominiche.

With glass chambers that put the brew cycle on display, an under-counter boiler, and steam-driven vacuum extraction, the Sight brewer offers café owners an alternative to paper filters and airpots. The Sight will premier at the SCAA Expo in Atlanta later this month.

Alpha Dominche made its name in brewing with the single-cup Steampunk, a design-forward, tech-savvy brewer that allows baristas to dial-in the brew of each cup using an app on their phone or tablet. The Sight uses similar technology, giving baristas control over parameters of the brew, such as pre-infusion, how much water gets introduced to the coffee, and when. A full gallon of coffee takes six to eight minutes to brew. After the coffee is extracted from the top glass chamber through a vacuum pump, the double-walled glass carafe keeps coffee hot for up to two hours.

The Sight’s name gives a nod to the machine’s design, which allows customers to watch the brew process from start to go finish. It also pokes fun at the design aesthetics of other batch brewers.

The Sight will be demonstrated at the 2016 SCAA Expo, brewing coffee from importer Ninety Plus at booth number 542.

Ellie Bradley is Fresh Cup’s associate editor.