Royal Cup’s Clean Water Efforts


Water is essential for a great cup of coffee, so it’s no surprise Royal Cup Coffee chose to forge a philanthrophic partnership with Neverthirst Water. Neverthirst is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing clean water to villages around the world; they believe where there is clean and living water, life flows.

“We’ve been able to get to know Neverthirst very well,” says Howard Chapman, president of the office beverage division at Royal Cup. “The fact they’ve completed 5,906 projects and served over 403,000 people since launching in 2008 was meaningful to us, and our employees are committed to making this a long-term partnership.”

Royal Cup will donate $0.02 to the aid organization for every serving of coffee from their Roar line, which now includes both coffee pods and whole bean coffees.

The company recently announced their first-quarter contribution to Neverthirst, totaling nearly $29,000. That’s enough money to bring clean drinking water to 1,200 people! They hope to exceed $100,000 in donations by the end of the year.

Interested in seeing how much of an impact your workplace could make by joining the campaign? Check out this nifty estimator calculator.