Reusable Red Cups Run Out

Whether it’s the design not being “Christmas-y” enough or not having enough of them, Starbucks just can’t catch a break with its seasonal holiday cups. As part of the seasonal launch, the chain offered free, reusable red cups to its customers on Friday, September 2, as well as a 50-cent discount off a grande holiday drink for customers who brought their cup back to a store after 2 p.m. between November 2 and January 7.

As Friday came, customers came to find out the hard way that there were only a limited number of cups provided to each store, and many locations ran out soon after opening. Perturbed patrons quickly took to Twitter to air their frustration about the matter.

“Each store had a limited supply for Friday’s giveaway, and we’re aware that some stores ran out,” a Starbucks spokesperson said via email to “Customers who did not get a reusable red holiday cup may now purchase the cup for $2.50 to receive $.50 off their grande (16 oz) holiday beverage order through Jan. 7.”