Contributor Guidelines

Fresh Cup Magazine has been “the magazine for specialty coffee and tea professionals” since 1992. We’ve documented and encouraged the growth of the two industries as they’ve transformed from niche markets to cultural forces across the United States and much of the globe. Our readership includes growers and processors in origin countries and shop owners, importers, tea blenders, coffee roasters, baristas, and most every other type of industry professional across the world. Many of our readers are experts and leaders in the field with deep technical, business, historical, and practical knowledge.

In print, we publish magazine-style stories that introduce readers to people and places pushing coffee and tea forward, even when we’re talking about something as seemingly impersonal as crema or Wi-Fi.

Online, we have four blogs: Barista, The Whole Leaf, Roasters, and Café Basics. Posts are thoughtful, engaging, and concise looks at narrowly focused topics, trends, places, and people in the coffee and tea industry. The blogs are the best starting point for new writers to break into Fresh Cup.

We accept queries for features (1,500–2,000 words), our blogs (300-500 words), and café profiles (800 words). For the best chance of publication, present a clear angle to the story, show us that you’ve researched it, tell us the sources and experts you’ll interview, have a sketch of the narrative structure, and explain why you’re the person who should write it.

When querying, please include clips or links to published writing. If you have no clips, please write a 300-word story introducing us to your favorite café or teahouse.

Send your queries to our editor, Caitlin Peterkin, at