About Fresh Cup

The coffee industry is one of paradoxes.

We elevate coffee growers in marketing campaigns, but those same producers struggle to make farming financially viable. Barista-customer relationships drive long-term business for cafes, but baristas rarely earn a living wage. Cafes are social centerpieces for whole communities, but independent owners dip out from debt and overwhelm. Our society runs on coffee, but our industry doesn’t create prosperity for all its inhabitants equitably. Something is deeply out of balance.

We believe that there’s a way to develop a more balanced and equitable industry where everyone contributes towards each others’ success. To get there, it’ll take meaningful change in how we manage our teams, pay employees, market and sell to customers, source coffee, and build businesses.

Fresh Cup is the home of this ongoing conversation about what it means to build a profitable and just business within an industry that’s desperate for a rebalancing.

We’re a megaphone for business insights that were once guarded closely. We’re a library for professionals who want to learn how to build something sustainable. We’re a campfire for intimate storytelling about mistakes made and lessons learned. We’re a community of people who believe an industry awaits where everyone shares in its prosperity equitably.

At Fresh Cup, we’ve spent three decades covering the stories of specialty coffee and tea, showcasing tea-growing regions and cutting-edge coffee towns, giving voice to stalwart veterans and visionary newcomers, digging into issues important to owners and those vital to employees. Our stories have educated our international readership on best business practices and on the amazing things going on in the far-flung corners of the industries. More than anything, Fresh Cup has shown how complex, exciting, sophisticated, and plain cool tea and coffee are.

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