Remembering John Michael Hermoso, 2019 Philippines Brewers Cup Champion

John Michael Hermoso. Photo Source: World Coffee Events

While thousands poured into Boston this past weekend for the annual SCA Expo, festivities were overshadowed with the sad news of 29-year-old John Michael Hermoso’s death. Hermoso had been named the 2019 Philippine Brewers Cup champion and was supposed to be competing at the 2019 World Brewers Cup, but his visa application was not processed in time by U.S. immigration. It would have been the first time that the Philippines were represented in the competition.

According to news reports, Hermoso was shot and killed on Wednesday, April 10, in Cebu City, Philippines, inside the café The Good Cup Coffee Company, where he was a managing partner, roaster, and head barista. A shooter entered the shop while the staff was closing for the evening and opened fire, leading to the death of fellow team member Kis Tryvl Ramos, and the injury of Sherwin Dean Rivera and Jerome Amada.

“His life was devoted on making excellent specialty coffee. This is something that is not yet here in Cebu. That’s why his passion was really there,” said Bong Abela, a co-owner of Good Cup, in a press conference on Thursday, April 11.

A moment of silence was observed for Hermoso at the World Brewers Cup and World Barista Championship in Boston on Friday, April 12