Rainforest Alliance Announces 2020 Certification Program

Rainforest Alliance revealed its new and enhanced certification program, in a move that’s been in the works since 2018, when the group merged with UTZ. 

The 2020 Certification Program involves “more robust criteria, measurement, and impact featuring several key innovations.” 

This program will replace existing Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certification programs beginning in mid-2021. 

“The new certification program incorporates new tools to support farmers and companies to set clear sustainability targets and focus investments to improve positive impacts for people and nature,” says Ruth Rennie, director of standards and assurance at the Rainforest Alliance. “These tools and innovations will support more resilient agriculture and help make responsible business the new normal. This is increasingly urgent in our age of climate change, biodiversity loss, and global inequality.”

Earlier this year, Rainforest Alliance also introduced its new seal, which can be used on packaging beginning in September. 

To learn more about the program, visit here.