Oxcart Coffee Brings Cafe Imports to Costa Rica

Photo: Cafe Imports

Open cuppings, an onsite roasting lab, and full-service import-export operations are all critical features of the new Oxcart Coffee by Cafe Imports in San José, Costa Rica. The new hub, named for the intricately painted family carretas of the region, is the result of years of work in the country, and will allow Cafe Imports to work directly with growers, build better connections, and ensure quality of all exports from the country. Oxcart Coffee will be headed by green coffee buyer Luis Arocha and green buyer’s associate Francine Ramirez.

“It is focused on being a producer service because we have all the tools as an exporter: We can get credit lines, we can pre-finance, and we can also pay the producers faster because the moment the coffee goes afloat, Cafe Imports can pay through Oxcart,” says Arocha. “That means that the producer gets paid two or three weeks faster than they used to be.”

Customers and producer partners are invited to join Oxcart for open door cuppings and conversation in the new offices.