Outfitters: September 2014

Café Outfitters

Plant_makrOFF THE WALL

Coastal cafés in particular are enjoying an airplant and succulent craze. Dangling terrariums are fun, but slightly tricky to maintain. The Plant Ring from accessory and furnishings brand Makr simplifies plant-hanging with secured rings that look sharp lined in rows, and don’t require much fuss. makr.com


The folks at Gray Duck chai were inspired by traditional Indian chai when they created their Burnt Sugar-Ginger blend. By caramelizing sugar and balancing it with raw grated ginger, they hoped to recreate the intoxicating rich sweetness of jaggery, an unrefined cane sugar found in chais around India.


We love that this teapot bridges a massive cultural, aesthetic, and geographic distance and connects the great styles of Scandinavia and Japan. The stoneware pot from Kate Spade Saturday is domed with a lid that could almost double as a matcha bowl. Replete with a strainer, it’s an elegant tea vessel. saturday.com


In this month’s article “Creating the Winter Café” we feature a pistachio and rose water latte. Rose flavor is delightful in coffee and tea, pairs well with cardamom and chocolate, and can be purchased affordably at international groceries. It doesn’t take much—a teaspoon will add plenty of floral pizzazz.


Jura’s Cool Control quickly cools up to thirty-four ounces of milk to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimum temperature for making velvety microfoam. A stainless steel container is easy to remove, fill, lock in place, and clean. When the container is removed for steaming, an automatic switch-off function helps save energy. us.jura.com