Outfitters: August 2014

Café Outfitters


Cascara, an infusion made from the dried husks of the coffee cherry, is neither coffee nor tea. Coffee cherry tea is fruity tasting with notes of hibiscus, cherry, and tobacco. Naturally high in vitamin C, floral iced cascara tea is especially refreshing. Colorado-based Dram Apothecary offers a pure cascara blend and a cascara chai for purchase.

MacaronsTRÈS BON

Delicate almond flour biscuits sandwiched over rich ganache, French macarons aren’t easy to perfect, so look into sourcing these confections from a local bakery that knows its stuff. Classics like pistachio and chocolate perfectly accompany good coffee, while more inventive flavors like lavender and Earl Grey blow the lid off tea. Macarons from Farina Bakery in Portland are popular pastry items at local roasteries like Water Avenue Coffee and Sterling Coffee Roasters.


Bethany Hargrove and Megan O’Connell take coffee brewing into the woods in this month’s Nine Bars. GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip has a unique bellows design that shrinks it to one-by-five inches, with a lid that doubles as a trivet—perfect for high-country backpacking or backyard stargazing.

ForLife_LimeTeapotBIG CHILL

The Mist Glass Iced Tea Jug from FORLIFE holds an impressive sixty-eight ounces of tea. Tea brewing is quick with the loose leaf infusion basket, and bright colors like teal, mandarin, and lime enliven the vessel.

AcaiaScaleTO SCALE

The Acaia Pearl coffee scale was designed with coffee enthusiasts in mind, so it’s not your average tool for measurement. With precision down to a tenth of a gram, a twenty-millisecond response time, and a two-way timer that syncs with your smartphone, the chic Acaia will measure the steam evaporating as you brew, if you want it to.