Outfitter: October 2014

Café Outfitter

WorthyGranolaNOTE WORTHY
San Francisco nutritionist Jeanne Norsworthy is making waves with her beloved granola concoction, already easy to spot in high-end Bay Area cafés. Worthy Granola—made with organic, California-grown ingredients—comes in sweet, salty Original Love flavor, and decadent Cocoa Raspberry with TCHO dark chocolate and dehydrated berries. The jarred blends are also shipped in bulk vacuum-sealed bags, for when customer demand reaches that tipping point. squareup.com/market


Legend states that Lurisia water was discovered by accident, a spring pick-axed into being by miners in Italy’s Western Alps. The water—which seemed to heal the miner’s wounds extraordinarily fast—was later studied by doctors and researchers for its “medical benefits.” The current site of the Lurisia spring, part hydrothermal research center and part spa, is also where the famous water is bottled to be enjoyed worldwide. Recently updated packaging puts a new face on this café favorite. lurisia.it


Milkypitch out of Hamburg, Germany, developed a unique technique of powder coating steaming pitchers in a high-end gloss that won’t smudge and brightens up any bar. The small company will custom coat your pitchers for you, in a preferred shade, and offers pitchers in colors that kill side-by-side, including Foxy (teal), Poppy (marigold), Clementine (white), Katie (red), and more. milkypitch.com


pullman-tamperTAMP IT
World Brewer’s Cup champion and World Barista runner-up Matt Perger, a partner at Sensory Lab in Melbourne, Australia, worked closely with Pullman Tampers to create the Pergtamp, a wider espresso tamp boasting supreme accuracy and control. Pergtamp shoots to increase extraction yield, bolster ergonomics, aid nutation, and eliminate the “vacuum effect” of other tampers, all while looking pretty dandy. sensorylabproshop.com.au


Ever spilled coffee on your lap? How about on your laptop? One is certainly worse than the other (well, depending on temperature), and Vector aims to prevent both. A simple clamp cup holder that supports most cup sizes and styles (even tiny airplane drinks), Vector is durable, useful, and smart—your “knight in shining aluminum.” vectorwerks.com