Oregon Chai Founder Utilizes All-Natural Expertise to Launch New Beverage Company

Photos: @thaiwala_

Heather Howitt is one of the industry leaders credited for popularizing chai in the United States through Oregon Chai, the company she founded and later sold. Now, Howitt is back in the beverage game, this time utilizing her know-how for natural, high-quality ingredients and applying those practices to Thai tea. Her new company, Thaiwala, produces a Thai tea concentrate made from all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, including organic black tea, Thai herbs, pure cane sugar, organic caramel, natural vanilla, pure cocoa powder, and beta-carotene.

Heather Howitt

“I created Thaiwala because I didn’t see a truly all-natural Thai iced tea in cafés or grocery stores and I wanted to make a version I wanted to drink,” said Howitt in a statement released by the company.

Thaiwala is available in 32-ounce containers and has an 18-month shelf life. Find Thaiwala at grocery stores in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California; at select tea and coffee shops; and online at Amazon.com.