National Relaxation Day

The Whole Leaf

national relaxation day

(Photo: courtesy of Good Earth Tea Co.)

It’s a busy world that’s only getting busier, taking small moments to chill are increasingly important. Today, National Relaxation Day, Good Earth Tea Co. is helping us all create a small moment of peace with a mindful tea break.

Here’s a  how-to guide to re-center with tea:

  1. Start by opening a container of something special like Good Earth’s new artisanal Coconut Tulsi Melody loose leaf tea, which contains the long-revered herb tulsi, also known as Holy Basil.
  2. Inhale and embrace the full-bodied aroma of coconut dancing with lemon-balm and rose petals.
  3. Brew the tea—loose leaf is best, so you can get a deeper tactile experience—in a clear glass where you can watch the dancing of colors as the tea steeps.
  4. Savor the feel of the warm steam rising from the cup and on your hands as you grip the cup.
  5. Allow yourself to listen to your environment, letting outside noises fade into the distance from your little personal getaway.
  6. Cherish all of the delicious intricate fragrances being released from your cup – and then revel in the enchanting yet grounding taste of your tea. It’s not tea for two; it’s tea for you.

Danny Litvin is the owner of Sadhana Yoga and Ayurveda in New Jersey.