National Cold Brew Day


National Cold Brew Day

Photo: courtesy of Chameleon Cold Brew. 

It’s National Cold Brew Day! This slow-brewed coffee certainly deserves its own day of recognition after taking the coffee world by storm. Cold-brew coffee sales have skyrocketed over 115 percent over the past several years, showing us cold-brew is here for the long haul. Here are a few of the things we’re sipping on in celebration.

Chameleon Cold Brew
This Austin-based bottled cold brew brand recommends that you enjoy their ready-to-drink selections (classic black, Mocha, Espresso, Mexican, and Vanilla) in a cocktail, a greens-chia-kefir-coffee smoothie, or right out of the bottle. Their recommended cocktail blend? A cold-brew white russian.

Hotbox Roasters
This brew is 420-friendly, indeed. Hotbox’s Nitro Cold Brew traveled across the Rockies and still delivers velvety, creamy, nitro-texture. We like drinking this one while we unwind.

Sparkling Stumptown
Stumptown’s sparkling cold brew—available in Original, Ginger Citrus, and Honey Lemon—signals the imminent arrival of poolside season. Our favorite is the Ginger Citrus—a refreshing, caffeinated bev that’s more soda than cold-brew.

Don’t skimp on the cheap and easy to find stuff. Trader Joe’s cold-brew-in-a-can comes in black and vanilla, and both are a good choice. These eight-ounce cans run only $1.79 and are purse (or satchel) friendly.

Anchorhead Coffee Co.’s hopped cold-brew is a fun twist on a classic. The addition of hops separates them from the pack. Coffee and beer is a natural combo, but hops and cold-brew kicks the combination up a notch.

Rachel Sandstrom Morrison is Fresh Cup‘s associate editor.