Starbucks Gift Cards Now Accepted by Moustache Coffee Club



(Photo: courtesy of franklinheijnen/Flikr.)

Premium coffee subscription service Moustache Coffee Club is now accepting Starbucks gift cards as credit toward purchases.

Prospective subscribers looking to cash in their Starbucks cards at Moustache Club can visit Moustache’s exchange site and enter their card number and security code. Moustache Club automatically adds equal value for the card as credit toward a subscription.

“My head of operations emailed me [after Christmas] lamenting ‘Another Starbucks gift card in a long line of Starbucks gift cards’ he’s received despite the fact that he works for a specialty coffee company,” Moustache Club founder and CEO Sean Reilly says. “Thinking about it, I figured that other coffee lovers had probably suffered the same fate.”

According to a press release from Moustache Club, they had already redeemed hundreds of dollars worth of Starbucks gift cards within hours of the service going live.