Milk Bar Gets Buzzed


milk bar buzz
Since opening in 2008, Milk Bar has grown to be a force in the bakery world, from inspiring FOMO-inducing desserts to opening 12 locations around the United States and Canada, and now, Milk Bar is officially branching out into the coffee world.

Today, National Coffee Day, Tosi and her Milk Bar team unveil their proprietary coffee blend called Milk Bar Buzz.

Milk Bar Buzz is a full-bodied, fairly and ethically traded Colombian coffee, with notes of brown sugar, and warm cocoa, perfect for espresso-based drinks (try it in a cereal milk latte!), cold-brew coffee, and in 12-ounce bags of whole bean coffee. The coffee is available at all Milk Bar locations in the United States.

milk bar buzz
(Photos: courtesy of Milk Bar.)

Coffee has long been available at Milk Bar—they’ve been working closely with Stumptown for about eight years. “We’ve loved that in full, but we also realized that we love coffee, we’re good at making coffee, and now we know way too much about coffee, we know what kind of coffee we want,” says Milk Bar founder, Christina Tosi.

Milk Bar Buzz has been a year and a half in the making. “I think a lot of people know that you can come to us for the cookie, the cake, or the pie, but because we’ve never really come out as owning coffee, I think people assume it’s an afterthought, rather than acknowledging that our mentality is, ‘we’re not selling or serving you anything unless we think it’s the most delicious thing that we make.’ It’s time for coffee to have a coming out party, and it will with Milk Bar Buzz” says Tosi.

Rachel Sandstrom Morrison is Fresh Cup’s digital editor.