On the Market: Jül Mug


It happens all too often: you make a cup of coffee, take it to your desk, get absorbed in a project, then, boom—cold coffee. Or perhaps you’ve experienced the contrary, and have scalded yourself one too many times on a fresh brew.

Many drinking vessels have been designed to hold a brew temperature, but few offer adjustable temperature control and aesthetic appeal.

Power Practical designed a smart coffee mug to regulate temperature from first sip to last. The Jül Smart Mug comes with a USB-powered coaster that actively monitors the temperature of liquid inside the mug. The twisting base rotates between a temperature range of 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Rotate the base to your desired temperature, and an indicator light lets you know if it’s too hot (amber), too cold (blue), or just right (white)—Goldilocks would love this mug.

The Jül mug in white.
An light at the mug’s base indicates whether beverage temperature is too hot, too cold, or just right. (Photos: courtesy of Power Practical.)

The base isn’t the only hot spot for action. The Jül’s thoughtfully designed lid rotates between three different functions—drink mode, cooling vent, and spill-proof seal—and its concave shape means no lid-to-nose contact. The mug also features a stainless-steel inner vessel, integrated heating coil, and soft-touch molded body.

While the Jül was designed with desk-bound office workers in mind, a second coaster sized for vehicle beverage holders means users can experience the same temperature control in the car. Free of battery packs and occupying only a small amount of space, the lightweight Jül is a practical, affordable solution for maintaining your beverage’s ideal temperature.

Power Practical launched the project on Kickstarter last month and reached their funding goal in just three days. At the time of press, the project had tripled its $50,000 objective.