Key Takeaways from the National Coffee Association 2019 Convention

“While we’re not seeing a significant change in the quantity of coffee that people are consuming,” says the NCA in a statement to Reuters, “there is a clear change in the quality and consideration of each cup.”

Representatives from some of the country’s top coffee retailers gathered this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, for a weekend dedicated to examining today’s coffee market and building a brighter future for the entire coffee community. The Convention debuted highlights and analysis from the NCA’s latest consumer research survey.

The survey found that while the overall volume of coffee consumed remained unchanged this year, a record 61 percent of the coffee consumed in the United States is described by consumers as gourmet. Survey results also showed that African-American consumption of gourmet coffee grew significantly this year, especially in the non-espresso category. For the first time, this year’s respondents were also questioned about their familiarity with CBD infused coffee products.

“There’s an awareness out there (about CBD) that’s growing,” said Bill Murray, chief executive of the NCA to Rueters. “Whether it takes off, and the questions about legality – we’ll see.”