Joe Tops Off its Interface

Mobile ordering app, Joe, is officially out of the beta phase. Earlier this month, the Seattle-based company launched a new merchant interface and tablet, as well as a new app for customers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Joe, the service allows small chains and indie coffee shops to offer app-based ordering, purchase processing, and a simple reward program. Coffee shops are able to customize exactly what products are offered, and even blackout times when the service is not available, which can be handy when dealing with the morning rush.

Joe asserts that its service leads to 30% larger tickets, more orders per customer, and that it costs the same amount as when customers order in store.

The new merchant interface has been designed to include all the feedback that Joe’s initial 75 coffee shop partners have provided over the last year. New features ensure that baristas never miss an order, that cafés have even more control to customize their food and drink menu, and that life is better for baristas and managers.

To learn more about the service and request a demo, visit