Introducing Tea Masters Cup USA 2019

Роман Сорокин competing at Tea Masters Cup in Russia. Photo Source: Tea Masters Club/Denis Shumakov

Since 2013, the Tea Masters Cup has hosted preeminent competitions for tea professionals across 22 counties. The competitions feature four categories: tea preparation, tea pairing, tea mixology, and tea tasting. This year, Tea Masters Cup is making its U.S. debut at the World Tea Expo, held June 11–12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in partnership with the American Specialty Tea Alliance.

“The demand for an international platform for the professional growth of tea specialists has never been greater,” says Tony Gebely, executive director of the American Specialty Tea Alliance. “Having served as a judge at Tea Masters Cup International 2017 in Hubei, China, I believe that Tea Masters Cup serves as that platform. The United States serves as beacon for tea style and trends; thus, U.S. participation will drive momentum in the wave of popularity that this historical drink, tea, is currently experiencing.”