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Contemporary Café Build-Outs

Sustainable coffee filter, CoffeeSock.

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Looking for ways to make your café more sustainable? These companies are partnering with the coffee industry to reduce waste in retail coffee settings.

Reduce. Reuse. Grow.
TOP: The CoffeeSock in action. (Photo: Paula Wolf.) ABOVE: RRG plants a tree for every sale (Photo: Sabrina Klompf.)

Reduce. Reuse. Grow. (RRG) is a compostable packaging company changing the notions of everyday consumption within the third-wave coffee industry. With each compostable product served, RRG plants a native plant at a local restoration site within the county of the participating shop.

Through these restoration efforts, the company seeks to build consumer awareness around everyday wasteful consumption habits, reduce waste, and connect consumers back to the local landscapes in which they live. Spearhead Coffee, in Paso Robles, California, partners with RRG to restore nearby Whale Rock Reservoir, where overgrazing and erosion calls for bank stabilization leading into the reservoir. Plans to restore one to three acres (totaling over 150,000 new native species) will help reduce runoff into the reservoir and provide more habitat for wildlife.

Coffee Sock
Sustainable coffee filter CoffeeSock.
(Photo: Paula Wolf.)

Inspired by the Costa Rican chorreador, and desperately in need of a Chemex filter, Corina Guillory sewed an organic fabric filter for her home Chemex. After seeing how well the filter performed, Guillory began to sell the cloth filters—thus, CoffeeSock was born.

“It is a simple, thoughtful, and resourceful brand, one that makes me proud to be a part of and share with the world,” Guillory says. “We created a sustainable product, one that is built around community and ritual.” CoffeeSock began with just pour-over designs, but now offers all popular-sized filters for home and commercial brewing, including a simple cold-brew kit.

Contemporary Café Build-Outs

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