Getchusomegear & Seattle Coffee Gear Team Up

Seattle Coffee Gear Getchusomegear

Earlier this year, Seattle Coffee Gear pledged to donate $150,000 to the coffee industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they’re partnering with Getchusomegear to direct $50,000 of those funds toward marginalized communities.

“We quickly realized that COVID-19 was amplifying a larger problem within the coffee community: the lack of resources, representation, and equity available among historically marginalized group,” Seattle Coffee Gear said in a statement on Instagram. “This year, the US has experienced widespread protests bringing to light systemic racism deeply embedded in our country, with the coffee industry being no exception.”

Together, they are creating a $5,000 grant program for 10 marginalized business owners. The first five winners, all Black women, have been selected and will be announced throughout the week.

Applications for the remaining five spots will also open soon; follow along at Seattle Coffee Gear’s Instagram