Fresh Cup Field Test: Gaviña Coffee, Proud Espresso Partner

Cortadito + Guava Pastry
Gaviña Coffee has been proudly serving quality coffee in the Los Angeles area since 1967. A Cuban family-owned business, Gaviña pours their passion into coffee to deliver a rich and flavorful cup every time. Gaviña sources high-quality beans, roasts to perfection, and offers a diverse product portfolio, but their ultimate goal is to make sure their customers are proud to serve their product.


Gaviña’s product portfolio includes a lineup of espressos, available as whole bean and fine grind. Enjoy straight, with milk, or use as a base for hot and cold drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos.

THE CLASSIC is Café Gaviña Espresso—the first coffee the company roasted and packed in the United States. It has a full body and rich, chocolaty flavor.

ORGANIC is a traditional espresso with balanced flavor and sweet caramel notes.

FAIR TRADE is a blend of Fair Trade certified coffees with fruity undertones and a hint of chocolate.

OLD HAVANA is a medium-dark roast with nutty, sweet notes.

NUEVO MUNDO is a lighter espresso blend with berry-like notes.

Gavina Products

Gaviña’s pride extends beyond their product. They partner with customers to help grow their coffee business. Their business consultants have years of experience in the industry and share their expertise to help train your staff and develop drink menus. Gaviña offers hands-on training in coffee basics, espresso, latte art and brewing, because they understand that a skilled staff is key to success.

Gavina Social EventMembers of the Gaviña family—with four generations of coffee roasting tradition—are involved at each step of the process, from sourcing high-quality coffees to cupping samples. Their pride is in their attention to detail.

Visit Gaviña Coffee in Booth #2014 at Coffee Fest Los Angeles, August 19-21.