First-Ever French Coffee Event

While Parisian cafés have been an iconic feature of the city for generations, the city has been reluctant to participate in the modern specialty coffee movement of the last decade. A new event might be a major sign that French attitudes are changing.

The Paris Coffee Show, to be held May 25–27 in Parc Floral de Paris, promises to bring together European leaders throughout the value chain, from bean to cup. Five distinct spaces throughout the show floor will allow attendees explore different facets of coffee production including: The Plantation, an opportunity to learn about production methods through workshops and cupping; The World of Expresso and Slow Coffee, a tasting space for various extraction methods and where the Best French Coffee Blend competition will take place; The Roasters’ Village, a space for 10 growing roasteries to showcase their coffees; The Coffee Lab, featuring roasting demonstrations and hosting the Best French Coffee Roaster competition; and The Events and Master Classes Stage, which will host various classes with roasters, importers, and chefs. Tickets will become available at the end of February