Finca Sophia Coffee Earns Best of Panama 2020

This summer, Finca Sophia, co-owned by Boot Coffee and Equator Coffees, was named the winner of the world-renowned 2020 Panama Cup.

The Best of Panama annually produces some of the most sought-after and record-breaking prices for coffee worldwide. Coffee from Finca Sophia placed first in the Washed Geisha Category and second in the Natural Geisha Category. On September 16, the washed Geisha coffee set a new Best of Panama auction record, selling for over $1,300/lb.

Finca Sophia is managed by Kelly Hartmann, and is under the daily operations of farm supervisor Angel Mariano, with co-direction by David Pohl. Finca Sophia was established to test the limits of coffee cultivation in Panama with elevations in excess of 2,100 meters above sea level. While challenging, the elevation promotes slow fruit maturation and when combined with the utmost care and innovations in processing, yields the unmatched quality recognized by the judges and bidders of the 2020 Best of Panama Auction.

“Congratulations to the team at Finca Sophia for an incredible showing at this year’s Best of Panama! Seeing our coffee set a new world record is immensely humbling honor and we couldn’t be prouder,” says Finca Sophia co-owner, Equator’s CEO Helen Russell.

“This auction represents the dedication and hard work of Kelly Hartmann and Angel

Mariano,” adds co-owner Willem Boot. “We wouldn’t be here without their expertise and careful handling of these coffees. In keeping with our commitment to recognize farmers and their work, Kelly and Angel will both share in the rewards from this achievement.”

To learn more about Finca Sophia, check out this video: