Events Calendar

JUNE 2018

June 20–23
World Barista Championship
Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 21–23
World of Coffee
Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 30–July 2
Summer Fancy Food Show
New York City, New York

JULY 2018

July 6–9
Taichung International Tea, Coffee & Bakery Show
Taichung, Taiwan

July 12–15
Malaysia Coffee Fest
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 15–16
Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace
Dallas, Texas

Tea Fest PDXJuly 21
Tea Fest PDX
Portland, Oregon

July 28–29
Seattle, Washington


Cold Brew FestAugust 4
Cold Brew Fest
Vancouver, Washington

August 10–12
Latin American Coffee Summit
Puebla City, Mexico

August 16–18
Hong Kong International Tea Fair
Hong Kong

Coffee FestAugust 19–21
Coffee Fest
Los Angeles, California

August 19–21
Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo
Los Angeles, California

August 30–September 1
Expo Cafe Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico


September 3–5
Tea & Coffee World Cup
Birmingham, United Kingdom

September 5
Tea Masters Cup
Riga, Latvia

September 6–8
Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show
Orlando, Florida

September 8–9
Midwest Tea Festival
Kansas City, Missouri

September 12–15
Natural Products Expo East
Baltimore, Maryland

September 15–17
Cafe Show China
Beijing, China

September 19–20
PROBAT Coffee Symposium
Emmerich am Rhein, Germany

September 19–22
Golden Bean
Portland, Oregon

September 20-24
Let’s Talk Coffee
Huila, Colombia

September 23–24
Canadian Coffee & Tea Show
Toronto,  Canada

September 24–27
PIR Expo
Moscow, Russia

September 29–October 1
Athens Coffee Festival
Athens, Greece


October 10–12
Hamburg, Germany

October 16–17
Caffe Culture
London, United Kingdom

October 18–22
China Xiamen International Tea Fair
Xiamen, China

October 25–27
TriestEspresso Expo
Trieste, Italy

October 27–28
Chicago, Illinois


November 7–9
International Coffee Week
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

November 7–9
World Latte Art Championship
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

November 7–11
San Jose, Costa Rica

November 8–9
Allegra World Coffee Portal CEO Forum
Los Angeles, California

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