Events Calendar


January 12-13
Coffee Champs
Nashville, Tennesee

January 13-15
Winter Fancy Food Show
San Francisco, California

January 14-19
Origin Approach
Guji, Ethiopia

January 17-19
Cafe Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

January 24-26
Sensory Summit
UC Davis, California


February 7-9
The NAFEM Show
Orlando, Florida

February 7-9
Melbourne International Coffee Expo
Melbourne, Australia

February 12-15
African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition
Kigali, Rwanda

February 24-27
NGA Show
San Diego, California

MARCH 2019

Amsterdam Coffee FestivalMarch 1-3
Amsterdam Coffee Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 3-5
International Restaurant & Foodservice Show
New York City, New York

Coffee FestMarch 3-5
Coffee Fest 
New York City, New York

March 3-5
New England Food Show
Boston, Massachusetts

March 5-9
Natural Products Expo West
Anaheim, California

National Coffee AssociationMarch 7-9
NCA Annual Convention
Atlanta, Georgia

March 11-13
Midwest Foodservice Expo
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Coffee & Tea Russian ExpoMarch 13-15
Coffee & Tea Russia Expo
Moscow, Russia

March 15-17
US Coffee Championships
Kansas City, Missouri

March 16-17
Southwest Coffee & Chocolate Festival
Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 21-23
Cafe Asia & ICT Industry Expo
Marina Bay, Singapore

March 23-24
Coffee & Tea Festival NYC
Brooklyn, New York

March 28-31
London Coffee Festival
London, United Kingdom

March 30-31
Coffee & Chocolate Expo
San Juan, Puerto Rico

APRIL 2019

April 10-11
Re: co The Specialty Coffee Symposium
Boston, Massachusetts

April 10-11
Specialty Coffee Expo
Boston, Massachusetts

April 11-14
Coffee Expo Seoul
Seoul, South Korea

April 14-15
NW Food Show
Portland, Oregon

MAY 2019

May 9-11
Eu’vend & Coffeena
Cologne, Germany

May 9-13
China Xiamen International Tea Fair
Xiamen, China

May 18-21
NRA Show
Chicago, Illinois

May 21-22
European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo
London, United Kingdom

Coffee FestMay 31-June1
Coffee Fest
Indianapolis, Indiana

JUNE 2019

June 6-8
World of Coffee
Berlin, Germany

June 11-13
World Tea Expo
Las Vegas, Nevada

June 23-25
Summer Fancy Food Show
New York City, New York


August 1-3
Latin American Coffee Summit
Mexico City, Mexico

August 15-17
Hong Kong International Tea Fair
Hong Kong

Coffee FestAugust 25-27
Coffee Fest
Los Angeles, California

August 25-27
Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo
Los Angeles, California

August 28-30
SEAsia Cafe Expo
Marina Bay, Singapore

August 29-31
Expo Cafe Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

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