Even Coffee is Bigger in Texas

After more than 30 years of supplying corporate accounts with fresh-roasted coffee and other refreshments, Parks Coffee is opening its first café—and a rather impressive one at that. Spanning a massive 50,000 square feet in Carrollton, Texas, the new location will feature an on-site coffee lab, a roasting facility that can be viewed from the café, a retail space for branded merchandise, an event space for corporate gatherings or weddings, and the company’s headquarters office. With the multifunctional space, Parks is planning several unique programs to take full advantage of the facility. Baristas working in the café will have the opportunity to hand craft their own special roasts in the coffee lab, and Parks will offer public tours of the entire operation—from roasting beans to crafting the perfect cup of coffee—as an educational experience for customers. BIRD bakery will supply the café with the majority of day-to-day food offerings, including chicken and egg salads available by the pint to-go, or as a sandwich to enjoy on-site.