Ending Stigma Surrounding Mental Health, One Cup at a Time

While most people have likely sipped on a mood-boosting cup of coffee or hot chocolate, one pharmaceutical researcher has developed vitamin-enriched coffee creamer and hot chocolate formulas that he believes will scientifically improve the mental well-being of people the world over. Dr. Kwadwo Owusu-Ofori became frustrated with the pace of academic research while completing his post-doctorate work in pharmaceutical sciences. He wanted to develop a product that helped people across socioeconomic classes manage stress and anxiety, without the stigma or side effects that come with prescription pills. Owusu-Ofori went on to create the Satori Food Project, which he developed through a startup accelerator and won an award from the National Science Foundation to build medical foods for mental health. Satori is now based out of the Concordia University of Wisconsin Pharmacy School.

Satori’s two current products—a powdered coffee creamer and hot chocolate mix—are both enriched with magnesium, GABA, and L-theanine, which have been proven to aid mental health. While all the vitamins used by Satori are regarded as safe by the FDA, Owusu-Ofori is currently conducting a two-year-long study on zebrafish to test the effectiveness of his products. He hopes to get Satori goods on retail shelves, as well as in cafés and coffee shops across the country.