Employees From Spyhouse Coffee Organize

Last week, about 30 employees from Spyhouse Coffee informed its owner, Christian Johnson, that they are starting a union. 

They are currently working with the Local 17 Minnesota’s Hospitality Union. The group has also started an Instagram dedicated to the movement. 

“As the ones who have to face customers and implement policies, baristas must have a voice in the decision making process. I believe unionizing will give all the workers within Spyhouse a fair voice, create transparency, and a safer work environment,” says Taylor, a barista, in one of the posts. According to an article reported by local alt-weekly City Pages, a PR firm released this statement for Spyhouse: “Spyhouse is wholeheartedly committed to working to better serve the needs of our Spyhouse family so that we may collectively continue serving our community as a gathering place where our awesome and loyal customers begin and end their day with us. Spyhouse believes in the right of each and every eligible Spyhouse employee to vote in a formal free-choice election certified and governed by the National Labor Relations Board.”