Drink of the Week: Citron Espresso Tonic

Toby's Estate Espresso Tonic RecipeSay hello to summer espresso with a citrus twist in Toby Estate Coffee’s recipe for a Citron Espresso Tonic. This visually striking drink balances sweet, citrusy carbonation with smooth espresso for a beverage that will fuel your customer’s adventures all summer long. Students and teachers may be away, but there’s no reason your café’s espresso machine can’t still be hard as work, creating delicious seasonal drinks that satisfy customer cravings.



Drink Construction

.5 oz Orange Blossom Simple Syrup
6 oz Tonic Water
1 shot Decanted Bedford Espresso
Candied Orange Strips

Mix syrup with tonic water in a serving glass. Fill with ice and then float espresso shot on top. Garnish with candied orange strips.

Orange Blossom Simple Syrup

10 oz Sugar
10 oz Hot Water
5 oz Orange Blossom Water

Mix sugar and water till sugar is completely dissolved. Let the mixture cool and then mix in orange blossom water.

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