Drink of the Month: The Maple Leaf

Illustration by Jordan Johnson: @drawnhungry

The Maple Leaf is a permanent fixture on Deeper Roots’ signature drink menu—the beauty of its simplicity in preparation and presentation belies its complexity of flavor. As a cortado-sized beverage, it emphasizes well-made espresso and textured milk while adding a twist of natural ingredients and compounding the delight factor. “The aroma of the citrus oil is intoxicating—it’s all sweetness and coffee in the middle—and the comingled dimensions of tart orange, sweet maple, chocolatey espresso, and creamy milk linger as the drink goes down,” says Matt Hoffman, brand strategist at DRC. “We love it as a shorty and are happy to make it latte-sized for those who want it to last even longer.”


2 tsp. (roughly ¼ oz) amber maple syrup
Navel orange
Milk of choice (local cow’s, almond, or macadamia nut milk suggested)


  • Add maple syrup in the bottom of a 4.5-oz cortado glass.
  • Cut a two-inch strip of navel orange peel with a vegetable peeler and add it to cold milk in a small steaming pitcher.
  • Pull espresso over the maple syrup and steam the milk with the orange peel in it.
  • With a demitasse spoon, give the maple and espresso a swift stir and scoop the orange peel out of the steaming pitcher.
  • Pour milk into cortado glass.

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