Drifting Away from Plastic

Brooklyn-based subscription coffee company, Driftaway Coffee, is drifting away from its old packaging. This month, it announced the launch of 100% compostable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping and operations. The company is now the first subscription roaster to have plastic-free and compostable packaging, which includes the pouch, label, postcards and other inserts, and the mailer; only the poly mailer supplied by the post office is made of plastic. 

“We spend a lot of time considering each element in the packaging, and making every element compostable. If one of the elements was not, then it would end up in landfill, and we did not want that,” says Suyog Mody, one of Driftaway’s founders. “It’s not perfect, but it is a huge step in the right direction.”

After signing the Transparency Pledge, the company began Coffee Stories, behind-the-scenes videos about Driftaway’s coffees told through the lense of the founder, green coffee buyer, and roaster. Driftaway, along with more than 50 companies, signed a pledge describing that companies should provide a  series of information about its coffee, including who produced the coffee, the lot size, and more. Driftaway is also contributing to the preservation of the Alto Mayo Protect Forest in Peru to offset its carbon footprint, as well as working toward 100% ground shipping. 

Subscribers will begin receiving the packaging right away. To learn more, visit driftway.coffee.