Digital Shelf Wants to Banish Stale Coffee

photo source: Javaya/Instagram

As college students, Nick Selman and Jasen Holley launched a new digital coffee storefront, Javaya which strives to deliver fresh, artisan coffees to consumers. Since 2017, the business partners have worked directly with roasters around the country to have their coffees featured on the startup website. Consumers digitally pre-purchase coffees, and Javaya notifies each roaster of how much coffee has been pre-ordered; coffee is then batch roasted to order, and shipped directly to the consumer’s door as close to the roast date as possible.

Selman says that his company eliminates the guesswork for roasters, ensures that coffee stays fresh for consumers, and mitigates the waste that the grocery store system produces. The company currently offers 150 flavors from 21 different roasters, featuring different roast levels, origins, and blends.