A Second Chance for Inmates in Milan


Several inmates at the Bollate Penitentiary in Milan, Italy, are receiving a second chance at life outside of prison with the help of Italian espresso machine manufacturer Dalla Corte.

Social responsibility has always been at the heart of Dalla Corte’s operation—from popularizing the world’s first lead-free espresso machines, to self-imposing strict energy consumption standards with their products. And now, that commitment remains in place with the launching of the Second Chance Project, an opportunity for inmates to learn specialized skills to help prepare them for the future.

Eleven inmates, personally selected by founder Paolo Dalla Corte in conjunction with Bollate Penitentiary, will be trained to refurbish Evolution models from the company’s original line of espresso machines. Spare parts will be replaced in a new laboratory inside the prison, and lead-free components will be added to update the machines to current industry standards and regulations. A re-styled Evolution badge bearing the Second Chance Project logo will also emblazon the modified machines.

dalla corte, second chance project, milan, italy
(Photos: courtesy of Dalla Corte.)

“In this way, we give the opportunity to many baristas to buy and work with a performing machine,” says Dalla Corte. “Moreover, we recover a machine, updating it to current regulations, safeguarding the environment.”

Inmates working on the Second Chance Project are given the opportunity to hone functional, specialized skills they can use when looking for work post-release, while also living a purpose-driven life at Bollate Penitentiary.

“Our re-styled machine will have a great human content, not just a secondhand product inspected with professionalism,” says Dalla Corte.

Chris Lucia is Fresh Cup’s associate editor.