Café Outfitter: April

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Every now and then a brewing tool comes along that we take in like a fireworks show. But once we finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over Monarch Methods’ copper gooseneck kettle—and fantasizing about its future patina—we were startled to learn about its mission of precision.

Monarch-Methods-mk320Created by Chris Chekan in Toronto, the Monarch kettle is handsome design interwoven with brewing intelligence. Its sciencey features include a reduced diameter neck and a handle-less grip to provide increased control over flow rate, direction, and volume; a pound of copper encased in laser-cut leather to keep liquids well insulated, ensuring stable temperatures; exact sizes (320 and 500 milliliters), keeping variables precise; and a recessed thermometer port, allowing for even more transparency. Designed for pour-over brewing, the kettle includes vents in the grip to keep a barista’s hands cool, and because it’s copper, each kettle’s patina will reflect its environment and use in a unique way. The result is something you want to put on display, but can’t, knowing its true purpose lies in thoughtful utility.


Coffee lovers often have finicky taste receptors. Combine that with a sweet tooth and you have occasion for Dulce Sugar from New Zealand’s Acme & Co. Unlike typical white sugar, the dense grains of this unrefined sweetener made from raw Costa Rican cane retain their vitamins and minerals after processing—along with a dark, caramel flavor—making this a subtly rich and slightly healthier addition to any sweet drink.


EsproCalibratedTamperThe Espro Calibrated Tamper is all about consistency. This tool seeks to take the guesswork out of pressure by integrating force feedback that lets the barista know, with a satisfying yet subtle click, that thirty pounds of pressure has been applied. Available in five different sizes, there is also a perfect fit for any portafilter basket.



You might expect to see steeping mint leaves in these jewel-toned, Moroccan-style tea glasses from Viva Terra, but a set of these elegantly painted vessels could just as appropriately hold spicy chais, chilled wine, or glowing tea lights.

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