Café Outfitter: March

Café Outfitter

CC-ball-lampMODERN ORB

Lighting is critical to café ambience and comfort, with more retailers looking to lamps to set a mood. The perfect fixture creates a mellow glow, makes a statement, but doesn’t distract the eye from the rest of your beautiful build-out. Modernica’s lantern-like hanging lamps are all of the above, in symmetrical shapes that calm and enchant.


pallo-coffee-wrenchThe Pallo Caffeine Wrench is a barista’s fix-it dream, a toolbelt of features in one handheld, soft-grip wrench. Use it to install and remove wand tips, calibrate thermometers, pry open portafilter baskets, open bottles, and generally feel like a champ.


Falcon_TumblersSince the twenties Britain’s Falcon Enamelware has created durable, long-lasting, and iconic designs made of porcelain-coated steel, with pieces that stand up to the elements and changing styles. Falcon’s stackable, heat- and dishwasher-safe tumblers bring a clean and classic look to any café setting, whether holding cappuccinos or cucumber water.

MateologyCoverMATE, BOUND

Circle of Drink founder Dave Askaripour’s 2013 book Mateology is more than just a guide to the history of yerba mate, its health benefits, and ways it’s traditionally brewed and shared; it’s an ode to the culture of mate from someone whose life revolves around the drink (more on that on page 46). In addition to learning which types of mate suit different palates and moods, the book offers a chance to soak in some of mate’s otherworldly allure.