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Chai Company, The
The Chai Company’s focus is to deliver the best Chai Latte in the most authentic yet convenient way possible.
Dominion Tea
Great tea shouldn’t be an afterthought! At Dominion Tea we’re passionate about the success of your tea program. With an emphasis on tradition and quality, we source the best teas and blending ingredients from around the world so you can offer amazing teas! Our tasting room and ongoing wholesale customer dialog means we’re informed on the latest trends, knowledge of distinct products that sell, and the knowledge to help you integrate tea into your operations.
Empire Tea Services
We import and blend over 250 premium teas and offer bulk teas and packaged teas. We also offer pyramid tea sachets in 65 flavors and award-winning iced teas.
SAKU tea
SAKU creates a delicious collection of wellness latte blends featuring turmeric, beetroot, and matcha. Every ingredient has nutritional benefits: we’re bringing you health and happiness.
Sattwa Chai
Sattwa Chai makes heritage chai that is fair trade, organic, family owned and microbrewed by real people but most importantly it’s really delicious.
Tipu’s Chai
Tipu’s starts every recipe true to India, whether a regional specialty or straight from our founder’s family. When it comes to chai, let’s get real.