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Smartfruit, Inc

Smartfruit, Inc

Over the years, fruit juices have evolved into absurdly complicated products with long lists of phonetically challenging ingredients, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, sweeteners and GMO’s.

Where did the juice go???

Here at Smartfruit we believe that fruit is perfectly wonderful on its own and that nature knows best. That’s why we use the freshest Non-GMO fruits and vegetables to make the best products. We promise to give you the juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice.

While most smoothie mixes and syrups out there are loaded with added sugars and additives, Smartfruit 100% Real Fruit Purees are made without added sugar, additives, GMO’s, no Artificial Colors or Flavors. Each flavor is enhanced with a unique superfood powerhouse like Omega-3’s, Antioxidants, Oat Fiber, Electrolytes, Detoxifiers, and other goodies to help you and your customers sustain a healthy lifestyle. Smartfruit is now available in 12 exciting flavors.


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Smartfruit, Inc