Budding Partnership in Canada

Cannabis café
With legal cannabis on the horizon nationally, Canada’s second largest coffee retailer, Second Cup plans to transform some of its cafés into cannabis dispensaries and lounges with the help of National Access Cannabis Corp. Government-operated online stores are scheduled to launch this October meanwhile, lawmakers in Ontario released plans last week for legislation that would allow retail establishments to open in the province as early as April 2019. The announcement inspired Second Cup and NAC to partner, with the possibility that several Second Cup coffee retail locations would be converted into NAC-operated cannabis retail stores under the brand, Meta Cannabis Supply Co.

“(Cannabis) is going to be an awfully big business in Canada, and we have some amazing locations,” said Second Cup’s board chairman Michael Bregeman in an interview with the Canadian Press “I wish I knew now in what form we would be pursuing and participating. We’re just trying to position ourselves so we can participate as the opportunities arise and the legislation is formed.”

Neither Second Cup or NAC currently have a license to sell cannabis, so the deal depends on whether or not lawmakers pass the retail legislation, as well as approval from franchisees and landlords.

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